Active Query Sensing for mobile location search


While much exciting progress is being made in mobile visual search, one important question has been left unexplored in all current systems. When the first query fails to find the right target (up to 50% likelihood), how should the user form his/her search strategy in the subsequent interaction? We propose a novel Active Query Sensing system to suggest the best way for sensing the surrounding scenes while forming the second query for location search. This work may open up an exciting new direction for developing interactive mobile media applications through innovative exploitation of active sensing and query formulation.


Felix X. Yu; Rongrong Ji; Shih-Fu Chang.
Active Query Sensing for mobile location search
ACM Multimedia 2011 best paper award [PDF] [Slides] [Poster]
Felix X. Yu; Rongrong Ji; Tongtao Zhang, Shih-Fu Chang.
A mobile location search system with Active Query Sensing
ACM Multimedia 2011 (Demo) [PDF] [Video] [Poster]
Felix X. Yu *; Rongrong Ji *; Tongtao Zhang, Shih-Fu Chang. (* equal contribution)
Active Query Sensing: suggesting the best query view for mobile visual search